Lost Summers vol​.​1

by Hektor Fontanez

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The first installment of Lost Summers. These are songs that didn't have a home, tunes I recorded but didn't know what to do with. Most of them were recorded over a 7 year period in many different rooms using various recording devices, Minidisc players ,tape machines , digital shitty 8 track recorders(the hiss track), and contemporary DAWs software. Many of the overdubs contributed by friends were done in one take with little or no practice before recording, these tunes are very much like collages, slowly picked together as it feels right. All of Hunters parts were recorded during the sessions for other albums we were working on while he was living in NYC starving for some art , so these tunes were like run off from other creative works. vol 1 seems to deal with the topic of mental health and some of the ways we reach a state of Poor Mental Health.


released July 31, 2017

Hektor Fontanez - recordings, voice, guitar, drums, bass
Hunter John Skowron - Lead guitar
Dave Ferraro - guitar and voice on Go Home
Jesse Lyons - Bongos on Happy and the giant and Go home
Hiko Konami - synth on Go Home



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Hektor Fontanez New York, New York

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Track Name: The Far Outs
Everyone who has lived in that room before ,the one below mine, they've gone crazy off their rocker, gone far away mad, out of their minds.
oh poor blue eyes, your twinkle has vanished, you have so much ghost on you, all their stories are the same , secret dealings with the devils in your brain, ferret their minds out of their minds, please come back to us.
Track Name: Happy and the Giant
Happy seldom tells the truth,happy pushes on the strangest questions at the strangest times, the first time we met, happy slipped into a lucid dream, woke up and looked straight into me. Babies in the mail and she's freaking out, babies in the mail and she's terrified , no one ever wants to ever say it but this feelings gigantic we're all terrified, terrified of what we don't know. Happy's father spine is in his mind happy's father's spine is in his mind and he knows that all your finest fears follow you home, i fear myself so i carry a knife, I'm the hunter, strange younger brother, mystery stalker, babies in the mail and she's freaking out, babies in the mail and she's terrified no one wants to ever say it but this feelings gigantic we're all terrified of what we don't know.
Track Name: Whimsical Terrorist
Prison of his own madness, controlled over taken , dementia, his structure of reality, destroyed, overtaken, LSD X-ray spies. A person of his design, covered by perceptions and illusion, his structure of reality, destroyed, overtaken infrared X-ray spies, taping his conversations whimsical terrorist. Lover seized satanic truce , master of doubt, novice sinner, crowned for your fears, his whimsy remains his only fault his teeth are sharp he's good to go.
Track Name: Go Home
Last time I prepare our life, if you walk in front please stay on your left, must have been a car borrowed I remember that birds sorrow, looking everywhere as if there was nothing, theres no way back home, laugh back at the sky all alone I was in the ocean an actor, this is my craft all alone on my own way, laugh back at the sky in its evil eye