by Hektor Fontanez

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Recorded in new york city spring of 2017


released June 21, 2017

Written and performed by Hektor Fontanez
Additional Guitar on Post Modern Epiphany by Jorge Marticorena



all rights reserved


Hektor Fontanez New York, New York

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Track Name: Liquid Air
Guess what, I just got to the dark, silence is here, remarkable resolution ,infrastructure breakdown, complication tactics, Chinese abduction method, talk talk, passions run high as the super wiz enjoys ,liquid air,metal rock,contentious truce ,pushing through, all of that, we're into the pace of the pressure, we feel your pain we've described it in detail, in the first thirteen episodes of our dramatic online reenactment, filmed live and in living color, we've all become an unwitting audience, participation is a must , there is no opting out, transparency international printing up t-shirts that read like dirty thoughts, mind reading all of your dirty thoughts, a chilling message for public support, slow death defend, detailer reproductions of another copycat, technology gap, province is still fighting a war, methods retreat journey into a land of television remember your first digital control game, she takes control we are in very decisive times, waiting game, squeeze ,boom, having the right kind of collateral, to meet the rules is not enough,where's my invitation home, where's my invitation home, i forecast more warnings, more persuasive fears, more fighting in the street, more drunk at , dawn, one more he's down for the count, but then, look everybody, he got up again, the world transformed by a crooked flag, a world transformed by crooked flag, a new world success story, we're all freaking out at once again.
Track Name: Post Modern Epiphany
Overwhelmed by your luxury to be introspective now at a time like this.
Only all the best of us, spirit of the moon, another dare, you dare to be consumed how do you dare show your face around here, swear you never did it never do it again, swear you learned your lesson peeking over the edge , how do you dare how do you dare.
How will you know, who your fighting for, your scared from all the action, you never come out from under ground, all nervous from the action now, you live life under ground, who will you never doubt who will you dare to be, who will you never doubt who will you dream to be who will you dare love, who will you wish to be.